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John. F. Kennedy High School Environmental Club

The bylaws

ARTICLE I : The Name of our Organization


ARTICLE II: The Purpose of our Club


ARTICLE III: Membership

a) types

b) selection process

c) membership dues/duties

ARTICLE VI: Officers

a) types

b) Election process

c) duties

ARTICLE V: Financial


ARTICLE VI: Meetings

a) Provisions for regular meetings

b) Procedures for calling a special meeting

c) Special rules for governing meetings


ARTIVLE VII: Committees

a) Names and duties of standing committees

b) Procedures for selecting special committees

c) Method of selecting members and chairpersons of committees



a) Minimum number of members required for regular meetings


b) Minimum number of cabinet members required for a board meeting


ARTICLE IX: Parliamemtary Authority

a) Provision for adopting

b) Scope of application

ARTICLE X: Amendment of bylaws

a) Method of amending bylaws

b) Provision for adoption


The adoption of the first set of bylaws requires only a majority vote by the membership of the organization. Upon adoption, the bylaws immediately go into effect.

(From the World Book Encyclopedia)







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