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The Environmental Club and 20 of its members accompanied by Mr. Thoman, Mr. Guerro, Ms. Morales, Ms. Santoro took a trip to Breakneck Ridge up in the Hudson Highlands. This is the second time the club has made such a trip. The club met in the front of the MTA train station in Marble Hill, where they took the train to uncharted territory. When the members got off at their stop, it wasn't even a real platform - it was like we were being deserted. To add to this scene of desolation, one could look up in the sky and see the hawks circling overhead, waiting to dive on some tender prey from the Bronx. However, a sense of adventure set in and it became pretty exciting. The trip was pretty strenuous (don't take my word for it - ask Mrs. Santoro); everyone had to be sure they were ready to use all fours to climb up the ridge. It was really fun, no one person was safe from tripping, the person people expected to trip the most probably tripped the least, lucky Ivan. Mr. Thoman was nice enough to let the members break into groups and hike the trail by themselves. The ridge was so
beautiful; there was one spot where it seemed like the most colorful place on the trail. The trees had the color of fall and the leaves had fallen to the ground making colorful beds (Sounds like a Disney movie huh?). Half way up the trail, the members all met and ate lunch and boy, can Ivan and Nara eat! I wonder if they can say "Tapeworm." At the end of lunch, it was time to hit the last end of the trail. The members once again broke into groups. However this time two groups of students and Mr. Guerro took the wrong trail. I myself had the luck of being in one of these groups. Not only that, I got stung by a stupid bee and it
felt like I needed a full body scratch. However it was kind of cool
getting lost, as the trail we took led us to a summer camp where one could see and get the idea of where all this summer camps movies come from. Everyone started getting worried and decided to trace our steps back. Lucky as we started walking back Mr. Thoman met us half way and we caught up with the rest of the group. Everyone was hanging out in an abandoned farmhouse next to a lake where I got some relief from my bee sting. It was time to start heading to town to pick up some dinner. As we left the trail one could look up and truly feel like they had completed a huge quest. 1,000 feet is definitely not a piece of cake. The town was nice: it was small, and it had antique shops, gun shops, bike shops and other types of stores. Mr. Thoman then brought the whole club a dinner of pizza and we all ate near the Hudson. After our dinner everyone packed their gear and we all caught the train at Cold Spring, and made the 40 mile journey back to the city. The Breakneck trip lasted about 12 hours: it was an adventure
that I'm sure those who participated would not mind taking again,
hopefully no one will get stung by those damn bees this time!

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Updated: February 15, 1999. By Evagelia Bakoulis,Garden Manager