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November 6, 1999

Volume 3.5

Environmental Club News

M.S. 368

The construction of M.S. 368 is a done deal. It will be located between P.S. 37 and JFK High School.

The school is expected to open in September 2001 and will enroll a total of 1,200 students, 600 of which will be high school students. 16 million dollars will be spent to make this school up to date with computers and labs. Every student enrolled in M.S. 368 will have a computer. One problem that exists for Kennedy is that the kids living in the surrounding areas like Riverdale, Kingsbridge and Marble Hill will no longer go here, but to MS 368 and 141 H.S.

Kennedy will no longer be a community school but a commuter school, as it opens up to kids from other areas in the Bronx and Manhattan.

This is some of the information we have now we will be sure to keep you updated if anything new comes in.

Our Next Meeting will be
held on Wednesday, November 10th,1999
in room 854


We will be distributing candy at this meeting So come and get a box of candy! Afterall, the more candy you sell, the more money you will have in your account, which means the less you will have to pay for the trips we go on.

Food Sale

As you all know by now, our Food Sale will be this Wednesday, November 10th. On Wednesday, please bring your dish to the teacher's cafeteria, room 416 and remember to sign your name and what you brought. If you signed up to volunteer during your lunch period, please remember to come.
And last but not least, remember to shake and bake tonight! For all those who don't know how to cook don't forget to remind your mommies!:)


Environmental Club News

At the meeting two weeks ago, Eugene Palatulan won the raffle. Congratulations Eugene! We hope you liked your pumkin pie! It was really nice of you to share it with a handful of hungry people like Jonathan Davila, Pong Huang, Vianney Lopez, Paul Aguirre, Liza Kempton, Sara Kempton and me. Oh wait.. I forgot someone, the hungriest pig of all...Angel Vega! :) (so how you doing?)


Everybody say cheeeeeeseeee...

The photo for the yearbook will be taken at the meeting on Wednesday November 17th. We would like all 137 members of our club to be there! And remember folks, smile for the camera! :)


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Get ready to boogie!!

at the Environmental/Arista Holiday party, on December 17th!
It will be in room 316.

Buy your tickets early, only 150 tickets will be available!!!

Environmental Club Cabinet

President: Elaine Langer

Vice President: Evagelia Bakoulis

Secretary: Joyes Baby*

Treasurer: Yashira Pepin

Garden Managers: , Sara Kempton, and Joshua Vasquez

Animal lab/ Indoor Pond Manager: Michael Delgado

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Thoman and Mr. Lessuck.

* One of the duties of the Secretary is to prepare a monthly Newsletter.

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Updated: November 9th, 1999. By Evagelia Bakoulis