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October 25, 1999

Volume 3.4

Environmental Club News

Is the Enchanted Garden in Potential Danger?

The new school, MS 368 is being built on the vacant lot outside of the Kennedy High School. With the construction of this school, there is the possibility that our garden is in danger of being bulldozed. We cannot let this happen! We will chain ourselves to the garden if we have to! If they want to take our garden, they will have to take us down first! We have to take initiative, we need all the support we can get.

For the construction of this new school a budget was given of 40 million dollars and will be equipped with state of the art facilities. That is so unfair to Kennedy students, who do not even have running faucets in their lab rooms! How dare they tease us and put our garden in a position of potential danger! Are you as outraged as I am? Well, come to the next meeting and express your concern.

Our Next Meeting will be
held on Wednesday, October 27,1999

Hope to see you there! :)

At the raffle during our last meeting, Jonathan Davila, won a mug full of Hersheys Kisses. Congratulations! (of course he had no trouble finishing all that chocolate, thanks to Vianney Lopez and Sara Kempton!)

Kennedy's Future Leaders

Elvis Urena and Glen Wade have been elected by their fellow classmates to represent the Environmental Institute. They will have scheduled appointments with the principal, where they will inform him on how successfully their institute is running.

Meeting with these two individuals, it was easily seen that they have a high potential for leadership. Congratulations to you both and best luck on your new positions.


Environmental Club News

Food Sale

The Environmental Club Food Sale will be held on Wednesday, November 10th, in the teacher's cafeteria. We would like for each person to bring in a homemade dish.

Our food sales are based on an international theme, we encourage the members to bring a dish from their country. At this week's meeting you will be put into committees depending on what you are going to bring and where it is from. This will help organize the event and prevent having everyone bring the same exact dish to the food sale...

If you bring in a homemade dish it equals 2 hours of servise, condiments equal 1 hour.

Volunteers will be needed during their lunch periods to help out at the sale. Please come to the meeting to sign up.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!

(Remember to brush your teeth after eating all that candy! Afterall nice teeth gives you a nice smile, which gets you nice numbers:)

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Break Neck Ridge

The hiking trip that was supposed to take place last Saturday, October 23rd, was canseled because the weather forecast predicted rain throughout the day. Although, the front came by sooner than expected and rained all Friday night into early Saturday morning. To take safety precautions, because of the possibility of wet trails and slippery ledges, we canceled the trip. The hike will be rescheduled in the spring.

Update on Our Animal Lab/Indoor Pond

Michael Delgado, the mastermind behind this project still needs volunteers to help him put the final touches on his work of art. Students can receive service hours for volunteering during their lunch period. If you are interested and would like more information, come to the meeting this Wednesday and sign up with Michael. Your contribution to the project will be very much appreciated.

Environmental Club Cabinet

President: Elaine Langer

Vice President: Evagelia Bakoulis

Secretary: Joyes Baby*

Treasurer: Yashira Pepin

Garden Managers: , Sara Kempton, and Joshua Vasquez

Animal lab/ Indoor Pond Manager: Michael Delgado

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Thoman and Mr. Lessuck.

* One of the duties of the Secretary is to prepare a monthly Newsletter.

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Updated: October 27th, 1999. By Evagelia Bakoulis