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February 17th , 2001 Volume 3.12
Environmental Club News



Well guys, the camping trip we have all been looking forward to is just around the corner. Unfortunately, we won't be able to go to Montauk like we planned. There were no reservations left. The only ones left were for the second week of May and with this crazy weather, who knows, it might be snowing.
                     Instead of Montauk we will be going to the Wild Woods State Park. We will be leaving friday, June 8th after 9th period and we will be coming back June 10th. The trip will cost each student $35, which will cover everything, including food and transportation. Mr. Thoman, Mrs. Stolper, Mr. Lessuck, Mr. Meaney and Mrs. Eubanks will be the teachers that will be accompanying us.

Wild Woods State Park

Wild Woods State Park is on the ocean but not in the open ocean. It is located in Long Island Sound. There is an open beach and it is covered in rock pebbles. Also, the water is calm and the area is considered forested. There are 40 miles of hiking trails, and volleyball and basketball courts. Also, there is a store, a snack bar, and bathroom facilities. We will be staying within 4 sites that are all joined together.


Requirements for Camping Trip

         As you all should know, the only thing you need to go on this camping trip is hours. You must make an effort to help out in the garden and also to volunteer some of your time to the club. There are only 20 spots for this trip and on Monday, May 21st we will start inviting students. Guys, get ready to work. We have a lot of plans and a lot to do. There is something to do for everyone, even those who don't like to get there hands dirty, so guys sign up and ENJOY!

**Top 5 People With Garden Hours**

1.Jose Arias - 52 
2.Simeon Kasmetski - 51.5
3.Peirre Coello - 49
4.Evagelia Bakoulis - 39
5.Latoya Graham - 37


MARCH 7th, 2001


2 Environmental Club News


Feb. 15, 2001- There will be a plant sale on Thursday. We will be selling plants and cards from 3rd period to 7th period. Please sign up to help during Wednesday meeting.

Feb. 17, 2001- There will be garden hours on Saturday. We will be spreading woodchips, fixing paths, and basically cleaning up the garden. Evagelia, Omer, and Diomarys will be there from 11 am to 3 pm. Pizza will be served. If it rains, snows, or the weather is below 40 degrees, this event will be canceled.

March 7, 2001- Next Environmental Club Meeting

March 17, 2001- Brooklyn Blooms Day. There will be a Brooklyn Botanical Garden cleanup activity workshop on Saturday. Student volunteers wanted to attend. It will be from 9 am to 3 pm. Five hours will be given to every student who attends, plus a free lunch and free transportation.

March 24, 2001- Grow Together Conference in Hostos Community College. It will be from 9 am to 2 pm.

April 20, 2001- We will be getting visitors from Georgia. The Blank Family will be coming to visit our garden and to see how it runs. Mr. Blank is the CEO of Home Depot and Home Depot is planning on donating money to the cause of community gardens.

May 5, 2001- Wave Hill Workday. Spring opening day on saturday. We will be using mulch, fixing paths, and planting. Lunch will be served for those who volunteer to help out.


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We can't order more candy until we get all the candy money back, so members if you owe candy money, pay as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will order another shipment of candy in March. If you have candy money, take it to our treasurer- Yashira, or Mr. Thoman.


 There are 3 fish still swimming in our pond. After the destruction of our pond, we thought our fish were dead, but we were dead wrong.


Environmental Club Cabinet 

President: Evagelia Bakoulis

Vice President: Omer Ilyas

Secretary: Garcia Salid*

Treasurer: Yashira Pepin

Garden Manager: Joshua Vasquez,

Ass. Garden Managers: Liza Kempton, Diomarys Escano

Animal lab/ Indoor Pond Manager: Michael Delgado

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Thoman and Mrs. Eubanks

* One of the duties of the Secretary is to prepare a monthly Newsletter.

Updated: February 17, 2001. By Omer Ilyas

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