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November 17th , 2000 Volume 3.11
Environmental Club News


Trip Ideas

If you have any ideas where we could go on a trip as a club please come to any of the cabinet members and give us ideas. We can go ice skating , to a broadway play, etc. This is the way for us to have fun, we don't always have to be stuck in a classroom. Last year, one of our trips was to the broadway play RENT.

Garden News

The garden has gone through alot the last month. Two weeks ago the veggies were ripped out because their season is over and a lot of plants wilted away. The garden is going into its winter rest.

There will be GARDEN WORK THIS FRIDAY, November 17th, after school. It will be from 3 to 4pm. We will be planting garlic and cover crops. Meet Mr. Thoman after 9th period in the garden.



On Saturday, October 28th, 5 members and Mr. Thoman went for a hike up Breakneck Ridge. At 9:00 in the morning, Latoya Graham, Lana Kempton, Arthur Cortes, Jose Arias, and Simeon Katsmetzki, joined Mr. Thoman for the train trip upstate to the mountains. The climb up to the top of the ridge was tough , but when they all made it to the top, they were rewarded with views of the Catskills and the Manhattan Skyline. Everyone enjoyed the hiking so much, they chose to do an extra mountain. Everyone was exausted by the end of the hike, barely making it to the pizza shop in the village. Pizza was enjoyed by all, and all were truly pleased on finishing the 7 mile hike in good form.

Wed, November 29th


2 Environmental Club News


There will be a Environmental/Arista party on December 15, 2000 and you are all welcome to come. It will fall on friday and it start at 4 and ends at 7. It is a tradition to have one every year and every year the party gets better and better. Last year, we had great music and great food. This year we will tyr our best to out do last year's. If anyone knows of a good DJ, that isn't too expensive please give Evagelia the person's name and number so that she could contact he/she.Have a DJ in mind by November 20th. We would really appreciate it if you can help. 


 Hi, my name is Omer Ilyas(Vice-President of Environmental Club) and I recently went on a 3 day trip to Vermont. I represented the youth of NYC in the rural environment of Vermont and was able to talk to forestors and loggers from Kentucky, Neveda, Oregon, California, South Dakota, and North Dakota. Exchanging ideas of urban gardening with their experiences in the vast forests of the country was really exciting. It was the most stimulating trips of my life. I seriously recommend that urban kids take advantage of these oppertunities and visit rural areas.

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Candy is sill available for whoever wants to sell. There are gummi bears and M&M's left. Also, we are not going to order more candy unless everyone pays for their box.


Thanks to all those people who contributed to the food sale. We made 300 dollars. Thanks again guys, we now have 300 bucks more in our spending account for all the trips and parties coming up. 

Those of you who brought dishes and containers come and pick them up in room 610. They are clean and ready to be taken home. Oh, and Thanks to Pierre Coello and Latoya Graham for staying after school and cleaning out the dishes and containers.

Environmental Club Cabinet 

President: Evagelia Bakoulis

Vice President: Omer Ilyas

Secretary: Garcia Salid*

Treasurer: Yashira Pepin

Garden Manager: Joshua Vasquez,

Ass. Garden Managers: Liza Kempton, Diomarys Escano

Animal lab/ Indoor Pond Manager: Michael Delgado

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Thoman and Mrs. Eubanks

* One of the duties of the Secretary is to prepare a monthly Newsletter.

Updated: November 22, 2000. By Omer Ilyas

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