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March 27, 2000

Volume 3.11

Environmental Club News

Camping Trip

This year's camping trip is scheduled for the weekend of May 19-21. We will be going to Taconic State Park. The cost of the trip will be $35. Those who have the most service hours will have first priority to the limited 20 spaces. Here are the top twenty people who are guaranteed a spot.

  1. Lana Kemton
  2. Liza Kempton
  3. Sara Kempton
  4. Elaine Langer
  5. Evagelia Bakoulis
  6. Yashira Pepin
  7. Joshua Vasquez
  8. Elizabeth Osewalt
  9. Kashmire Supersad
  10. Omer Ilyas
  11. Christina David
  12. Joyes Baby
  13. Marisol Cardenas
  14. Mahamood Elahi
  15. Elaine Perez
  16. Sulvia Perez
  17. Salid Garcia
  18. Hansel Baez
  19. Ana Baez
  20. Marco Palao

Those who still wish to go can do service and work your way up on the list.

Our Next Meeting will be
held on Wednesday, March 29, 2000
See you all there!


Bake Sale

Mark this date down! Thursday April 6 we will be having a bake sale! We ask that you bring in something sweet and yummy to tempt the teachers with....

Home baked goods will receive an hour of service All other contributions will receive 1/2 an hour of service.


Garden Hours

1) Saturday, April 1 (1pm-3pm)

Important Garden Work Day!

2) Saturday, April 8. Activities will go on from 11am-9pm. We will need as many members as possible! Wavehill will be dropping by to give us trees to plant and we would like to show them that we are a serious organization. After all the work you will be able to enjoy a nice B-B-Q.


Environmental Club News

ESF Trip

There is still room available on the trip to the College of Environmental Science and Forestry, in Syracuse, N.Y. It will be held during the week of June 25-30.

Transportation, dorms and all other expenses will be paid. It's not too late to apply! So, if you're interested see Mr. Thoman!

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Questions? Comments?

Be sure to sign the guestbook!!

or E-mail us at:


Saturday April 8, 2000

Major Work Day in the

Enchanted Garden

All members are welcome to join!

B-B-Q afterwards!!

Environmental Club Cabinet

President: Elaine Langer

Vice President: Evagelia Bakoulis

Secretary: Joyes Baby*

Treasurer: Yashira Pepin

Garden Managers: , Sara Kempton, and Joshua Vasquez

Animal lab/ Indoor Pond Manager: Michael Delgado

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Thoman and Mr. Lessuck.

* One of the duties of the Secretary is to prepare a monthly Newsletter.

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Updated: March 29, 2000. By Evagelia Bakoulis

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